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Baylor College of Medicine Prof. B.V.V. Prasad X-ray crystallographic studies on viral proteins Link
Baylor College of Medicine Prof. Timothy Palzkill Structural Studies of Class A Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases and Inhibition of Beta-Lactamases by BetaLactamase Inhibitory Proteins BLIP and BLIP-II Link
Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Choel Kim Structural biology projects targeting cGMP dependent protein kinase system, Embryonic stem cell factors and Germ Cell-Specific proteins Link
Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Sukyeong Lee Crystal structure of Hsp100 molecular chaperone
Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Damian Young
Florida International University Prof. Barry Rosen Most of the known arsenic detoxification genes and characterized their gene products at the biochemical and structural level
University of San Diego Prof. Susan Taylor PKA Cβ isoforms: a forgotten catalytic subunit opens new windows for PKA signaling and disease pathologies Link
University of San Diego/affiliated to UCLA Dr. Nunzio Bottini Human glutathione synthetase in its substrate-free state
University of San Diego Dr. Seth Cohen Rational Design of Metal-binding Pharmacophore Isosteres as Inhibitors of Influenza Endonuclease
University of San Diego Prof. Michael Burkart Structural Evaluation of Short-Chain Producing Ketosynthase Mutants in E.coli. Link
Vassar College, New York Dr. Krystle McLaughlin Co-crystal Structures of Conjugative Proteins from Salmonella Typhimurium
Mayo Clinic, Florida Prof. Evette Radisky Structural studies of human extracellular proteases that represent drug targets for cancer Link
Seattle Children’s Dr. Bart Staker Co-crystal structure of NMT from Plasmodium vivax and inhibitors
Texas A&M University Dr. Pingwei Li
Texas A&M University Dr. Wenshe Liu Structural studies of novel inhibitors bound to SARS-COV2 main protease
University of Pacific Dr. Georgios Pantouris Structural characterization of MIF superfamily members
University of Colorado Dr. Jerome Fox Biostructural Analysis of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases and Related Complexes
Miami University Ohio Prof. Rick Page Structural biology of the inhibition of mortalin; metallo-B-lactamase structural studies
Cleveland State University Prof. Jacqueline Vitali Room temperature structure of M. jannaschii dihydroorotase Link
University of Vermont Prof. Karen Glass Structural studies of BDP1 and ATAD2 bromodomains of Plasmodium falciparum and acetylated histone ligand recognition
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Prof. Florian Schubot Crystal structure of histidine kinase dimerization interface of GacS
National Cheng Kung University Tainan, Taiwan Prof. Shuying Wang Structural insights ino substrate recognition by C. difficile sortase
California Lutheran University Prof. Katherine Hoffmann Cofactor complexes of DesD and structural insights into the NIS synthetase family
Stanford University Prof. Richard Kimura Evaluation of integrin avB6 csytine know PET tracers for the detection of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
University of Iowa Prof. Christopher Cheatum Room temperature structures probing the involvement of distal residue dynamics of purine nucleoside phosphorylase


University of Washington Dr. David Baker Prediction and design of protein structures, protein folding mechanisms, protein-protein interactions, protein-nucleotide interactions, and protein-ligand interactions