Collaborative Crystallography


In order to provide both expert and non-expert academic users more extended service, a Collaborative Crystallography program is available for non-proprietary users of the ALS-ENABLE beamlines. Our two data collectors for Collaborative Crystallography are Dr. Banu Sankaran (pictured left) and Dr. Jay Nix (pictured below). Fast availability of synchrotron beam time and having your data collected by these expert crystallographers can prove to be a significant advantage in terms of turn-around time, reduced travel costs, and success of structure solution. 


Submit a proposal the usual way through the ALS Hub website (linked below). If you aren’t already registered as an ALS user, you will be asked to do so. Once you’ve logged in to the ALS Hub, select View and Submit Proposals, and then select Submit or View Your RAPIDD Proposals, and finally New RAPIDD Proposal. For the proposal type, choose Structural Biology RAPIDD Access. When asked which beamline, choose ALS-ENABLE, and click on YES for Collaborative Crystallography. You will also be asked to submit a one-page description of your crystal systems. Then get ready to ship your samples, because we will do the rest!



Once we’ve received your proposal, one of our expert data collectors will be in touch with you to discuss project details and any specific requirements you have for the data collection. You are also always welcome to contact our crystallographers directly: and


If you are very new to crystallography and would like help with mounting and/or freezing your crystals, please contact our staff. We are also happy to loan you a set of pucks and related tools for your first data collection.