X-ray Footprinting Workshop at the ACA Conference

At the ALS, X-ray Footprinting is a structural biology method that is available to users on beamline 3.2.1. Although X-ray Footprinting is not currently funded through ALS-ENABLE, the method serves…
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Protein Sculpts DNA to Repair Harmful Damage

In this study, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) at ALS-ENABLE beamline 12.3.1 of Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source was used to see the shapes of individual DNA molecules providing an…
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COVID-19 Research at ALS-ENABLE

ALS-ENABLE are among a limited number of beamlines at the ALS given approval for operation during the current Bay Area shelter-in-place orders. We are open for all your research needs;…
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BL 12.3.1 has a new flight tube

SIBYLS installed a new flight tube at BL 12.3.1 giving us 2 meters distance from beam to detector allowing for wider angle capture. If you are interested in sending samples for collection go to our mail-in website to book a slot

Interlocks in action

Our friends in the protein footprinting group took this picture of BL 3.2.1 during the safety interlock in which red light was flashing to warn users to not enter the hutch.

Happy Friday ALS Enablers!!

Vintage plate with our namesake.


This commemorative plate was sent to retirees as a nice memory for those who retired from Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Welcome to our sabbatical scientist

ALS-ENABLE warmly welcomes Dr. Miriam Gochin who is on sabbatical at Berkeley Lab for 6 months. Dr. Gochin is a professor in the College of Medicine at Touro University. Her…
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ALS-ENABLE represented at the ACA in Kentucky

We are back at the ACA again this year! Here we are wearing our Berkeley Lab shirts at our booth in the Covington Convention Center right across the river from Cincinnati.

Small angle scattering workshop held at the ALS on May 9 2019

The ALS-ENABLE team held a one-day workshop for current and future SIBYLS users. The workshop covered the latest advances in SAXS studies on biological systems, advances in synchrotron scattering techniques,…
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Biosciences at ALS-U and Beyond

We had good attendance at our February workshop, and good discussion. No one can predict the future, but we all made our best guesses about what our structural biology users…
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